Who Is M.J. Duffy?

M. J. Duffy is a gifted author of paranormal romance. She lives in Los Angeles surrounded by incredibly supportive family and friends. After graduating from UCLA, she began working in marketing and spent many years as a career and personal growth coach and educator. Writing has always been her passion, and her most treasured moments are spent spinning tales of love, sexual fulfillment, and self-actualization for her readers.

True Passion

I love to write and spin tales of lore and romance, and I have been doing so for years and years, usually at family gatherings. However, at the urging of my sisters, I have decided to venture outside of that paradigm, and publish the Zankli Chronicles. An mystical people of ancient linage, the Zankli embolden all that is good and noble in humankind.

My earliest memories are of trying to read and failing dismally. Dyslexia, characterized by a difficulty in understanding written languages, was unknown and undiagnosed in the 1950’s. So much of my childhood was spent hiding the fact that I could not read. Letters just did not fall into place for me. Ashamed, I was a child recluse, spending most of my time watching television. By my teens, I was convinced that reading would always allude me – until halleluiah – at fourteen, I discovered Gone With The Wind.

I was enthralled by the book, by the magic of the words and the vivid pictures they painted on the walls of my mind. I could see and hear Scarlett, Rhett, Mammy, and the red earth of Tara. From that day to this, I have had a love affaire with storytelling and books.

My dyslexia diminished as I began to devour historical romances like Angelique, Gray Eagle, and Sky O’Malley. Through books I traveled the world and grew fascinated with the history of other lands and people. I began to develop my own stories, and I would share my stories at family gatherings where I would entrance my audience with stories of paranormal heroes and heroines. Bigger than life, my men and women engaged and overcame obstacles through love and fearless courage.

The myth of the Zankli is completely fictional, yet I find myself feeling as if I know the characters intimately, as if they live outside the pages of the manuscript and stories. This much I know is true. There are many people who are recognized clairvoyants, gifted with second sight, and extra sensory perceptions; and native doctors are very much alive and prevalent today in the West African Bush, where they blend Christianity and tribal ethos to bring good health and spiritual wellness to their patients.

Meet The Author

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