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M.J. Duffy’s New Book – Coming Soon!

Coming soon!! Watch for Aging Fantastically, The Second Act. This new, exciting book from M.J. Duffy will be available in Paperback and eBook soon.

Are You Managing Your Stress?

Are you Managing Your Stress? A recent study found that women who experience a greater number of stressors (work, family, illness) in mid-life were more likely to develop dementia. Dr. Oz’s shared recently, “chronic stress can trigger inflammatory compounds and damage areas of the brain linked to memory.” By the way, I teach “Brain Fitness”, for LAUSD, which is a course much like aerobic classes for memory.

My Way is the Best Way

My Way is the Best Way. As Mara Brok Akil states, “Value other people’s opinions, but follow your vision because no one is going to express a story the way you do.”

Be authentic!

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Happy New Year!

I wish you a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year!

September Healthy Eating

JOIN ME: I am committed to healthy eating. This week I am eating for brain health, with a focus on foods that are excellent sources of omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3s belong to a group of fats known as polyunsaturated fats, and studies suggest that they can help ward off a range of diseases, including Alzheimer’s and depression. Flaxseeds, walnuts, sardines, salmon and tofu are all excellent sources of omega-3s. You’ll find some in the delicious recipes I gathered in AARP, and I’ve included here. Try the recipes. Feedback is welcomed.
1. Flax and Pecan Granola, by Olivia Dupin
This nutrient-packed homemade granola is perfect for serving with Greek yogurt or almond milk and fresh fruit. It’s full of fiber and protein, with nutritional-powerhouse ingredients such as pecans, pumpkin seeds, oats and omega 3-laden flaxseed meal.
Per serving: 297 calories, 3g saturated fat, 30g carbohydrates, 8g protein, 6g fiber, 18mg sodium
2. Hearty Barley […]

Give Someone A Squeeze

Give Someone a Squeeze

Beer and Arthritis: A 10 second hug lowers blood pressure by increasing the feel good hormone oxytocin and lowering the stress chemical cortisol.

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Beer and Arthritis?

Health Tips – Beer can help with Arthritis

Beer and Arthritis: A couple of beers a week may reduce a woman’s rick of painful rheumatoid arthritis by nearly a third. Researches with Harvard Medical School found that drinking two to four beers a week could cut a woman’s risk by 31 percent, compared with women who never drank beer. Latest data indicates, “the disease affects more than 1.5 million Americans, primarily women.”

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Explore the Sexy Side Of You

As you know I am MJ Duffy, Romance Specialist, Life Coach and the Author of the Zankli Chronicle. I would like to extend an invitation for you to let your hair down, grab a glass of my premier Zankli Blend Wine and indulge in the Z-Spot. Each week the Z-Spot will bring you tantalizing topics, sizzling stories and mouthwatering recipes; all to help you enhance your love life. It doesn’t matter if you are single or in a relationship, everyone deserves to have a sparkling love life. The Z-Spot is all the shimmer you need to secure your Sparkle! Thank you for allowing me help you Explore the Sexy Side of You!

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Hot New Author M.J. Duffy Takes Romance to a Whole New Level

M.J. Duffy, Queen of the paranormal romance novel is turning up the heat with “Lost Love,” the first book in the Zankli Chronicles. A paranormal sensual thriller, Lost Love’s realm of romance isn’t a static passion story. “Lost Love” is a page-turner that thrills like an action movie, chills like a gritty crime mystery and passionately heats up to a boiling-point unlike most books in the romance genre. It is a sizzling story about a powerful alien species called Zankli. Born in Togo, West Africa this paranormal tribe is incapable of evil and possesses superior human DNA. Zankli descendants Andre Dunn and cosmetics heiress, Tyler Mueller, find, lose and regain their lost love.


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Lost Love

Lost Love Zankli Chronicle sizzles as Zankli descendants Andre Dunn and cosmetics heiress, Tyler Mueller, find, lose and regain love. Their passion for one another is ignited in a high-rise conference room, simmers in the African bush and overcomes deceit and betrayal in the corridors of corporate America.


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