lostLost Love Zankli Chronicle sizzles as Zankli descendants Andre Dunn and cosmetics heiress, Tyler Mueller, find, lose and regain love. Their passion for one another is ignited in a high-rise conference room, simmers in the African bush and overcomes deceit and betrayal in the corridors of corporate America.

Abandoned at birth, Tyler is reclaimed by her mother and inherits a vas cosmetic empire by age 12. Although she goes from rags to riches, nothing is simple for Tyler. Her life is a symphony of losses: first the untimely death of her mother, then theft of her personal affects and later separation from her foster family.

Convinced that she is cursed, Tyler remains haunted. She is pursued by a mysterious stalker who is an Anomaly, an extraterrestrial who is a sworn enemy of the Zankli. Anomalies are the sum of all that is evil, valuing only greed and destruction. After a series of threats, Tyler retains the anti-terrorist company, Dunn & Burkett for protection.

Andre Dunn has been promised a Zankli progeny as his made. After years of searching, he loses hope until he meets Tyler. Just one innocent touch of her hand triggers the seismic him of the Zankli Chosen. The two are instantly connected and are enveloped in a tsunami of passion that traverses continents and consumes their souls.

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