Black American author garners
sci-fi Int’l Literary Award

PERFORMANCE PREVIEW/REVIEW: Author M.J. Duffy’s high-voltage Zankli Chronicles trilogy tells the story about an ancient African civilization that has a secret. The Zanklis were given formidable powers by aliens hundreds of years ago to become the protectors of humankind.

Defiant Love – Zankli Chronicle is the third installment of her wild-eyed series. Defiant Love is a romantic fantasy that highlights the passionate love between two Zanklis. The steamy page-turner won the 2021 Best Paranormal, Super- natural, and Sci-Fi Fantasy Romance Novel RSJ Emma Award.


Alumna discusses launch of latest book in paranormal romance series

M.J. Duffy published her first novel at age 60.

Now, the third book of the alumna’s paranormal romance series, “The Zankli Chronicles,” will be released in March. Though she first envisioned the plot during her time as a history student, Duffy said she only began to put her ideas to paper after retirement.

Her self-published books follow the eponymous species of humanoids who possess supernatural abilities that allow them to move fluidly through time and space. It is later revealed that they are seraphs, or angels, tasked with bringing love to earth, Duffy said. “The Zankli Chronicles,” with a following of over 10,000 readers, aims to highlight themes of diaspora from one’s home country and love for humankind, she said.


Author M.J. Duffy Builds a world around Love and the third time is the charm

The adventure continues in the land of Zankli with, Defiant love. This coming March, the world prepares for the continuous journey found in the Zankli Chronicles book series. Her novels embark on the eternal story about the power and strength of love. Author M.J. Duffy explores the wild, untamed corners of the imagination. The expedition through her imagination leads to a world that stands on love being the cure to all. As the series continues to unfold in the third book entitled Defiant love, the supernatural romance takes form in more vibrant hues of passion and desire; to convey the mission of the soul. M.J. Duffy shares her trials and revelations that created this series and unearth what it means to capture intimacy in the purest form.


Paranormal Romance Author MJ Duffy Brings Passion and Sensuality to Readers’ Lives With Lost Love, The Zankli Chronicles Book One & Captured Love, The Zankli Chronicles Book Two

If you don’t believe that true love conquers all, MJ Duffy’s Lost Love, The Zankli Chronicles Book One, will turn you into a believer. Described as one of the hottest upcoming authors in Hollywood, author MJ Duffy is firing up libidos and taking the romance genre by storm.

Lost Love is a deeply provocative thriller that captures the love, passion and betrayal that exist between two celestial soul mates as they encounter and battle evil that threatens to destroy them. Guaranteed to grab and keep reader’s undivided attention, Lost Love explodes with lust, chaos, lies, and deception.

According to the Literary Traveler, “When this book was given to me, I had no idea that I was about to encounter a bestseller literary experience. It was truly a page turner that kept me on the edge of my seat. I’m looking forward to reading the sequel.”

An acclaimed writer of passionate love stories, Duffy knows a thing or two about keeping love, desire and attraction alive in relationships. A renowned romance expert, the author declares that romance novels can help singles and couples receive more romance and intimacy in their lives. “Reading romance novels can often help couples and singles ignite the flame of passion, learn how to be better lovers, and have better relationships,” declares Duffy.

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MJ Duffy is available for interviews, and can discuss a variety of issues from romance, spirituality, personal growth, encore careers, writing, marketing, and relationships. Call 323-293-9108 to set up an interview. For a review copy of “Lost Love” or “Captured Love” please forward your name, media outlet and mailing address at [email protected].

Meet The Author

M. J. Duffy is a gifted author of paranormal romance. She lives in Los Angeles surrounded by incredibly supportive family and friends. After graduating from UCLA, she began working in marketing and spent many years as a career and personal growth coach and educator. Writing has always been her passion, and her most treasured moments are spent spinning tales of love, sexual fulfillment, and self-actualization for her readers.

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