Lonnie Jackson

Lonnie Jackson has a deep indelible scar both internally and externally. As a child, his mother used him as a human shield as his father aimed his gun at them and blasted away. Betrayed by both of his parents, Lonnie is unable to trust the love or kindness from anyone. His distrust is concentrated and magnified into an infernal of malicious brutality. Although his facial disfigurement is corrected, hatred consumes Lonnie. Lonnie becomes obsessed with Tyler Mueller and the Zankli. Tyler and all she loves becomes his victim of choice.

Meet The Author

M. J. Duffy is a gifted author of paranormal romance. She lives in Los Angeles surrounded by incredibly supportive family and friends. After graduating from UCLA, she began working in marketing and spent many years as a career and personal growth coach and educator. Writing has always been her passion, and her most treasured moments are spent spinning tales of love, sexual fulfillment, and self-actualization for her readers.

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