The Zankli

The Zankli are an extraordinary species of humanoids. Their language is ancient and connects them to their primordial heritage. Far superior to fellow humanoids, their gifts and powers transcend time and space, human diseases, and known intellectual competencies. Zankli can mind merge and communicate telepathically. Moreover, the Zankli are exceptional physical specimens with enthralling beauty and incomparable sexuality. Fellow humanoids are powerless to Zankli mesmeric charm.

The Profiles

The following actors and models embody the captivating lure of the Zankli, and if I were a Casting Director, I would select them to portray the characters in a movie, network or cable television series. Each individual has their own email address. You can have dialog with the characters at their Zankli Email Address. Discover their motives, deepest desires, and life expectations. Share your romantic fantasies and longings with your chosen Zankli on their private Zankli email address.