Hara Zankli

The Gifted

Setting: The Atlantic Ocean, enroute to West Africa


Hara is a Price of Zankli, a direct descendant of the Guardian and the original forefathers. Royalty of the highest order, he has been petted and favored since his earliest memories. A beautiful male specimen; over six foot tall in his stocking feet, Hara is unmatched in the Zankli Triathlons. None had bested him at the multisport events since his eighteenth birthday, and he is hailed throughout Zankliland as a warrior of old, superior in his gifts, in his intelligence, and in the purity of his bloodline. He is both a leader of men and a conquer of women. It is small wonder that he is also arrogant, entitled, and misogynistic, with all of the petting and fawning. To Hara, life has become predictably mundane. He has lost hope in meeting his prophesized Chosen, until the fateful day when his body rumbles and his senses roar with the Zankli mating call.

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