Andre Dunn

Passion Unmatched

Setting: Mueller International, Beverly Hills, CA

dude2Meet one of Zankliland’s most celebrated warriors. A direct descendant of Nadu, the Chosen One, Andre Dunn has inherited a barrage of physic gifts and powers that include moving through time and space, telepathy, and extrasensory perception. Yet Andre has an Achilles heel. He is without a Chosen… his prophesized mate and consequently, he is tortured by abject loneliness. While fate is slow, it is not completely absent. He meets Tyler Mueller and experiences the tsunami hum of the Zankli Prophesy. Book excerpt…“His mind raced. He pictured himself intertwined with the woman, imagined the way he would stroke, pet, and caress her. He stepped back in shock. His body became still, motionless like a huge predator cat before mating. He had never responded to a woman this way before. He was on fire, and he opened his senses and took her scent in, forever imprinting it on his mind.” Fate proved both blessing and curse. Their passion for one another is ignited in the high-rise conference room, simmers in the African bush, and overcomes deceit, treachery, and betrayal in the corridors of corporate America. Their flight across continents exposes family secrets and uncovers a legacy of power gifted at the dawn of time.

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