The Legacy

Welcome to the world of the Zankli, an extraordinary people of ancient lineage from sub-Saharan Africa who are the descendants of indigenous tribesmen and a band of celestial beings who have amazing physical and spiritual powers. At the dawn of time, in the lush and fertile land of modern-day Togo, the Zankli celestials interbred with the local natives for ten decades before their departure. Their instructions to their numerous offspring were that they should join with each other for five generations before branching out and linking with other tribes.

The earthly Zankli inherit their sires’ celestial gifts, some more than others, and enjoy youthful longevity—aging slower than fellow humans—into their seventies and eighties. Some Zankli can mind merge—speaking and hearing telepathically—others have extraordinary healing powers, exceptional ones can move through time and space, and the truly blessed have all of the gifts combined. Known as the Chosen Ones, the truly blessed are prophesized leaders, purebred, and the bearers of future princes of Zankli and rulers of humankind.


“Hello, my name is Andre Dunn. I am a Zankli, and I live in the pages of LOST LOVE, Zankli Chronicle Book One. I own an international security firm, which is dedicated to the preservation of life and global safety. I have searched a lifetime for my chosen, and my kind – the Zankli — have a special, innate need for mental, physical and psychological mating. You can email me at: [email protected].”